In my teaching I offer the following;

For Schools, Colleges, Universities

  • A wide range of ensembles including Jazz Big Band, Jazz Combo, Rock/Contemporary Bands, Guitar Ensemble, Stage Band, Concert Band, String Ensembles, Ukulele Group.
  • Experience with a broad range of syllabuses including HSC, VCE, AMEB (Australia), ANZCA (Australia, NZ & Asia), IB (International) and GCSE (UK).
  • History/Listening and Music Appreciation, Music Theory (Classical, Jazz, Contemporary).
  • Classroom teaching (small to large groups) or Instrumental teaching (individual or small groups).
  • Improvisation classes/workshops (small to medium size groups, all instruments).

Guitar/Bass Lessons

  • My specialty is Jazz, Blues, Funk, Soul, Rock – but I have had extensive experience & success helping students to progress further down the track in most styles. e.g. Classical, Folk, Pop, Country, Heavy, Reggae, Latin, Fusion, etc.
  • A broad range of approaches can be taken to best suit the needs of the student: learning how to read (melodies & chord charts), learning how to play “by ear” and play what you hear, working out songs or solos, improvisation, rhythmic techniques & devices, picking/fingerpicking techniques, composing, arranging techniques, studying chord/scale relationships, left & right hand techniques, chord melodies, counterpoint, exams. Or, maybe you just want to have some fun and play songs, which is fine too!

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