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“This book is intended to help guitar students in using the Major Scale modes to play a wide range of music styles. Many Jazz students study the modes of the Major Scale as part of developing their improvisation skills and chordal knowledge. For example, often beginning Jazz students will learn the Dorian Scale and related songs, such as “So What” or “Impressions”. However, the sounds that come from the modes of the Major Scale can be helpful to all guitarists, regardless of their playing style. e.g. Rock, Blues, Soul, Funk, Country, Reggae, Metal, Latin, etc.

The Major Scale modes give us a broader palette of harmonic and melodic colours to draw from; in our soloing/improvising, rhythm/chordal playing, composing and our arranging. It has been my experience teaching guitar students that whilst many developing players are quite skilled at playing Pentatonic and Blues scales, the modes of the Major Scale remain a mystery to many, and scarce in their use. The Major Scale modes don’t have to belong in Jazz-land, they sound great in all kinds of styles!”

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  • Click below to hear G Dorian Examples 50, 52, 56, 58 & 61;
Example 50
Example 52
Example 56
Example 58
Example 61
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  • Click below to hear G Phrygian Examples 85, 87, 88 & 89;
Example 85
Example 87
Example 88
Example 89
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